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Rocol 69524 Galvanising Spray Matt

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Product details:
Cold Galvanising Spray, Triple Protection An ultra long term corrosion protection for metal components requiring a permanent grey coating. Cold Galvanising Spray Ideal for components that cannot be galvanised using a hot dip process Triple protection – anti-corrosive, mechanically resilient and water resistant Can be uséd to repair the surface of galvanised components Excellent long term corrosion protection for ferrous metals Highly resistant to peeling, flaking and abrasion Durable, hydrophobic film Non-toxic formulation – lead and chromate free Excellent repair for galvanised surfaces – adheres well to metal surfaces.

Manufacturer: ROCOL
Manufacturer Part Number: 69524
Listing Quantity: Each
Product Shipping Size: 95 x 95 x 265mm
Shipping Weight: 0.6075 kg