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SMC RB1007 Shock Absorber M10 Body Stroke

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SMC RB Self Compensating Shock Absorbers Automatically adjusts for high speed low load or low speed high load applications Maximum impact speed 5m/s At max energy absorption per cycle, max operating cycle/min can increase in proportion to energy absorption Ambient temperature -10°C to +80°C ACE and SMC Self Compensating Self Compensating These shock absorbers have a steel body with Weartec - Plus (harsh environment) finish, hardened stainless steel piston rod, locknut and hardened steel rod end button with insert for noise suppression. Universal mounting and stop collar attachments are available separately.

Manufacturer: SMC
Manufacturer Part Number: RB1007
Listing Quantity: Each
Product Shipping Size: 145 x 75 x 35mm
Shipping Weight: 0.0405 kg